Робот-жук - Ходячий жук-робот

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Description: BeetleBot - RoboŻuk

The walking robot Żuk is designed for children over 8 yearsoldwho are interested in electronics. It presents14 interesting experimentsrelated to the basics of electrical circuits. The child will easily complete all tasks, teach the beetle to make sounds, shineLEDs, and respond to the remote control from TV. The robot does not require any programming for proper operation. Everything happens on the wiring diagram of the elements on a simple contact plate, without soldering.

The set includes
  • The BeetleBot
  • RoboŻuk booklet in Polish
  • Colored wires:
    • 15 x Female/male wires
    • 15 x Male to female wires
  • A set of elements for creating projects:
    • 4 x Transistor
    • 4 x red LED
    • Capacitor 4 x 220 μF
    • Capacitor 4 x 10 μF
    • 4 x Button
    • 1 x Variable resistor
    • Resistor 10 x 100 kΩ
    • Resistor 10 x 10 kΩ
    • Resistor 10 x 1 kΩ
    • Resistor 10 x 220 Ω

The kit does not includeAAA batteries.

They can be purchased separately in ourshop.

BeetleBot set.

Construction of the robot

The BeetleBot consists of abeetle-shapedprinted circuit board. The basic elements are soldered to it. At the bottom there isa battery basketattached. At the top there is a piezo loudspeaker, decimal meter, LEDs, ON/OFF switch, contact plate for creating projects, 3 timers 555, infrared receiver. There are 2 motors mounted on the sides. The robot has dimensions13 x 12 x 3.5 cm.

BeetleBot - RoboŻuk.

Projects on the robot include
  • Working with LEDs
  • LED brightness adjustment
  • The movement of the beetle
  • Changing the direction in which the beetle moves
  • Noise generation
  • Controlling the beetle at a distance

You will find all this in the RoboŻuk Book, included in the set.

The RoboŻuk Book.

Specification .
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (sold separately)
  • Age: +8
  • Dimensions of the Worm Bug: 13 x 12 x 3.5 cm
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