Apitor Robot X - набор для создания обучающего робота

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Description: Apitor Robot X - educational robot building kit

Apitor Robot X set consists of600bricks which enable to build12 different structures,designed for children aged 8+. The bricks included in the set are also compatible with bricks from other manufacturers, e.g.Lego. The constructions are controlled with a controller, motors, sensors and theApitormobile application. The free application allows you to easily build 12 projects, control them and program them. With one set of Apitor Robot X you can build up to 12 different constructions, including arobot, swing, jeep, motorcycleandunlimited number of models ofyour own design. The assembly instructions for each model can be found in thefree mobile application. The set develops creativity in children and allows to create completely new projects e.g. combined with Lego bricks, which will turn into working fully controlled robots.

Programming of theeducationalrobot Apitor Robot X.

Programming of the educational robot in Polish

Apitor educational robots are programmed in a language based onScratch 3.0. Programming of the robot is done in Apitor by arranging coloured blocks with code also available in Polish. The built projects can be controlled with the application for Android and iOS mobile devices. The application will guide you step by step how to assemble the robot models and teaches programming in Scratch 3.0 language.

Contents of Apitor Robot X set
  • Over 600 pieces of building blocks to build the robot
  • 1x control unit (3 xAAbatteries not included)
  • 2x infrared sensors, help the robot avoid obstacles, measure distance, follow lines, etc.
  • 1x colour sensor, allows to distinguish colours
  • 2x built-in motors, allow robots to move
  • 1x external motor
  • 4x built-in LED lights
Kit contents.
Useful links
  • Android application
  • iOS app