Конструктор электронный Arexx RA-1-PRO robot ARM - 6 servos + driver and programmer

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Design Arexx is made of 3 mm of aluminum, shoulder of the robot with a solid foundation. It has 6 modelling servos: four standard which support the main body, two micro servos responsible for movement of the gripper. The device is assembled, to launch it, you only have to program the mounted controller with the system ATmega64 using included USB adapter or to connect servos for its own control unit, for example,an Arduinoor aPololu Maestro.

Read the user manual!


The kit includes, mounted in the base, a special driver with a microcontroller ATmega64 which can write software in C language. The user can also use a popular, output communication interfaces, e.g. I2C, SPI or UART.

Arduino and drivers of servos

Used drives are standard modelling servos with traditional connectors 3 pins. This means that the robot can be controlled by the boards of the Arduino,Raspberry Pi,driver of servos Maestroorany microcontrollerwith the ability to generate a PWM signal.

Main features:
  • The structure is made of aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm
  • The shoulder has 6 servos powered by:
    • two servo-type mediumS05NF STD:
      • torque: 3.2 kg *cm
      • speed: 0,18 sec/60°
      • dimensions: 28,8 x 13.8 x 30,2 mm
      • weight: 18 g
    • four, standard types DGServo S06NFwith a torque of 13.0 kg. cm
      • torque: 13,0 kg *cm
      • speed: 0,22 sec/60°
      • size: 40.4 x 19.8 x 36.0 mm
      • weight: 48 g
  • Included is mounted driver Arexx:
    • powered by 9 V to 14 V (not included,power supplysold separately)
    • equipped with a microcontroller Atmega64
    • with the possibility of programming in a language via the USB port using the adapter
  • Arm length: 390 mm
  • The shoulder of the robot with six mounted servos
  • Installed driver with the system ATmega64
  • Adapter and cable for programming via USB
  • Controller with buttons to control
  • CD-ROM with software

Useful links
  • User manual