Конструктор Лаборатория механики - Космические аппараты - Клементони 50519

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Product description: Mechanics Laboratory construction kit - Space vehicles - Clementoni 50519.

The Mechanics Laboratoryis a series ofconstructionsetsfor children.The "Space Vehicles" set includes over 130elements.With the help of sets from Clementoni,the youngestcan develop their manual skills and interests, as well as learn about the basic mechanisms used inmechanics.

A satellite composed of elements of the Space Vehicle kit.

The use of elements used in mechanics

The space vehiclekitconsists of more than 130 elements,thanks to whichwe can move elements of our models. Among them we can find such elements as: gears, gears or differentials. The set allows to create a space rover and a satellite.

Differential mechanism built from the elements of the set.

Set specification
  • Number of elements: over 130
  • Number of structures: 2
  • Age: 8+
  • Dimensions: 276x188x45 mm
  • Manufactured in Italy
Useful links
  • Manufacturer's website