DFRobot Micro: Платформа робота Maqueen для микро:бит

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Общие характеристики

Шасси - колеса
Тип шасси
Шасси + привод
Chassis + driver

Вес и размеры

2.8 кг





Micro: Maqueen is a graphically programmed robot platform for micro:bit. It has interesting features, among them plug-and-play feature which allows children to quickly learn graphic programming in a playful way, maintaining children's interest in science and logical thinking. Designed for children aged 8+.

Key features of Maqueen
  • Support for Makecode, further support for Scratch and Python
  • Small size, flexible movement
  • The motor is made entirely of good quality metal, great driving force
  • The wheels are made of ABS plastic covered with a silicone tire
  • Motor cover is attached to the computer using the screw and nut
  • Switch with buzzer
  • Tracking lines, ambient lighting, LED, ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, I2C interface, etc.
  • Wheel bearing POM, flexible and reliable, the ability to negotiate obstacles
  • Easy to install, easy to use
Gamepad controls

The robot platform can be controlled using the wirelessgamepad.

Quick and easy installation

Installation of the robot takes less than a minute, it is enough to complete a few simple steps to start the game.


Micro: Maqueen supports programming in Microsoft MakeCode online and Scratch

Play and learn

Maqueen is a perfect toy for children to explore robotics. Children can set up the robot to do different things in the software. More sensors were added that detect sound, light, objects, and even interact with the wi-fi signal.

The parameters of the product Technical specification of Power supply:

from 3.5 V to 5 V (AAA batteries or rechargeable Li-Pol 3.7 V - not included)

Tracking line: 2x IR (digital input) Buzzer: 1x LED: 2x (digital input) LED RGB: 4x programmable Ultrasonic sensor:

SR04, SR04P connector 4-pin (5 V)

I2C interface:

x1 (3.3 V)

DC motor: x2 N20 Gear ratio of the motor: 1:150 Rotational speed of the motor: 133 rpm Control mode of the motor: PWM Holes for handles and covers: 6x M3 hole Tools for programming:

MakeCode online editor

Mind+ (based on Scratch 3.0)


85 x 81 x 44 mm


75,55 g

Set includes:
  • Car body (along with motors and wheels)
  • 2x wheel
  • 1x sensor HC-SR04
  • 1x container for AAA batteries
  • 1x double-sided tape
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