MakeBlock 98052 - комплект сервоприводов + механические компоненты для робота mBot

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6-8 lat



Set of mechanical and electrical elements that extend the capabilities of mBot robot. Additional elements will enhance the programming of mBot, and will allow the implementation of the further lesson plans.

Bionic arms

The robot is able not only to drive but also to move or lift objects. It can also just wave to you as a greeting.

Rotating head

Mounting the distance sensor on the servo mechanism will allow mBoto to explore the area and watch out for obstacles. More experienced programmers will appreciate the ability to track moving objects or to map the environment.

Luminous shield

Additional module with four independently programmable RGB LEDs allows you to illuminate the road, to build an light signaling or just give mBot a cool design makeover.

The list of items 4 x brassdistance M4*25 20 x screw M4*8 10 x nut M4 2 x 6P6C cable - 20 cm 2 x plasticconnector 1 x 9g servo pack 1 x RGB LED V1.1 1 x adapter RJ25 2 x bracket 3*3 2 x l1 board 1 x key M5+M7 4 x connector 45° Useful links
  • The manufacturer's website