MakeBlock 98056 - набор света и звука для робота mBot

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Set of elements that extend the capabilities of mBot robot. Additional elements will enhance the programming of mBot, and will allow the implementation of the further lesson plans. It contains instructions for the assemblying three exemplary robots: lighting chasing robot, scorpion robot, intelligent voice-activated desk light.

Lighting chasing robot

Thanks to two additional light sensors you can create a new design: lighting chasing robot. It can be configured to follow the light or to avoid it.

Scorpion robot

The fastest robot that mimic the behavior of a sepctacular prey animal - scorpion. The included sound sensor can be used for many interesting experiments.

Intelligent voice-activated desk light

mBot does not have to be a mobile robot. You can use the elements of mBota and the included four powerfulRGB LEDs module to construct a desk lamp controlled by sensors.

The list of items 2 x light sensor 1 x RGB LED 1 x sound sensor 2 x RJ25 cable-35cm 1 x key M5+M7 2 x beam 0808-072 blue 2 x beam 0824-080 blue 1 x connector45° - blue 4 x plastic pad4x7x3 mm