Обучающий робот Ohbot 2.1 для Raspberry Pi

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Product description: Ohbot education robot for Raspberry Pi - for self-assembly

Ohbot is aneducational robotthat looks like a human head. It is equipped with seven servos, thanks to which it can move its mouth, eyes and head. The red version of theOhbotis a design for Raspberry Pi. It can be programmed usingPythonscripting language. It is designed for users over 7 years old. Working with the Ohbot helps you understand the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) and howcoding affects the physical device and allows you to create your own interesting designs. The Ohbot can beoptionallyequipped with a set of sensors or glowing, colorful eyes.

Ohbot for Pi

To start programming, connect the robot to the RaspberryPicomputer after assembly.Support for thePythonlibrary allows you to control the robot from this programming environment. It contains simple commands for the Python languagetomove the servo. Converts text to speech (text-to-speech technology) in Python together with facial synchronization when saying words.

Ohbot's structure and capabilities

Ohbotwas designed to look like a human head. Equipped with up to 7 servos, it is able to express your emotions and commands like a real person. Ohbot's functions depend on your creativity! Use Python scripting language to make your robot:

  • Speak any language,

  • He sang for karaoke,

  • He ran a fitness class,

  • He followed the weather,

  • He gave the time and date.

On the manufacturer's website there are starter courses for beginners withicohem and Ohbot, Scratch coding and Python language, as well as numerous materials and projects. They were checked in British schools, among others.

Ohbot used in British schools.

Specification of an educational robot
  • Your age: 7+
  • Designed for Raspberry Pi
  • Interface: USB

  • Servomechanisms: 7

  • Dimensions (without packaging, when folded): 20 x 19 x 10 cm

  • Weight (without packaging): 323 g

  • Colour: red (version for Raspberry Pi)

Set contents
  • Ohbot v 2.1 self-assembly robot
  • USB cable
Useful links
  • Manufacturer's website
  • Manual
  • Software
  • Documentation