Q-Scout 3 в 1 дополнительном пакете - Осветительный болт

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Description: Lightning Bolt set for Q-Scout 3 in 1

A set that extends the capabilities oftheQ-ScoutRobobloqeducational robot. Allows you to redesign and change the appearance of the Q-Scout Robot. The Lightning Bolt 3 in 1 Add-on Pack allows you to change the appearance of the robot thanks to 56 unique elements such as RGB-LED module, sound sensor and pins for mounting the lighting.

The Q-Scout robot is composed of the Lightning Bolt kit.

The kit does not include the Q-Scout robot - it can bepurchased separately.
Control with phone or tablet

The Q-Scout robot will be a greatintroduction to learning programming. It is simple and intuitive - all is based on the "drag and drop" method using pictures with instructions in a dedicated application. While playing with the robot, children learn the basics of electronics and programming and learn to think logically through practical problem solving. Control and programming is done from the mobile application.

Features of the Lightning Bolt 3-in-1 kit for the Q-Scout educational robot
  • Easy to use- the instructions available with the application describe how to assemble the set in 10 minutes.
  • High quality and safety for children- the extruded aluminium construction and anodised surface make the robot components resistant to injury.
  • Learning to think logically- solve problems through practical exercises.

One of the variants of the robot assembly.

On the packaging there is a QR code for downloading the full manual.

The contents of the set.

The set includes
  • 2 x light sensor
  • 2 x square plate with holes
  • 1 x socket wrench
  • 20 x M4*3 nut
  • 2 xsafetynut M4*5
  • 20 x M4*9 screw
  • 2 x M4*15 screw
  • 2 x 135° angle plate
  • 1 x sound sensor
  • 1 x RGB-LED module
  • 2 x support
  • 1 x RJ11 cable - length 180 mm

The elements are packed and marked separately.

Useful links
  • Manufacturer's website
  • Android application
  • iOS application
  • Windows application
  • Mac application
  • Linux application
  • Installation instructions
  • The Wiki page