JULBO Turn Sunglasses

3 686 ₽
Цвет:matt pink
Размер:Spectron 3 CF/CAT3
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  • Продавец DESTE FZ LLC
  • Курьер EMS 17 апреля
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Spectron 3 CF/CAT3
matt pink


Although they might look like glasses for adults, the new Turn model has been specifically designed for young children, with measurements and proportions adapted to their facial shape. Cheerful and sophisticated with colored mirror lenses, the Turn ramps up style, and with curved temples and deep lenses, they’re 100% Julbo designed, protecting the sensitive eyes of children with maximum efficiency. The Spectron Polycarbonate lenses are light yet offer good shock resistance. They are multipurpose and suitable for all sports. Visible light transmission rate: 12% Protection index: 3 Recommended for the mountain environment Recommended for use on the water Recommended for bright sun conditions Wrap-around: wrap around shape for a good vision spectrum and protection. Curved temples: ergonomic profile to wear sunglasses on face or head