KOO Orion Sunglasses

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Размер:Blue Night/CAT3
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Blue Night/CAT3




Binocular-open frame: RX compatible: - With Orion, KOO add the first sunglasses with a binocular-open frame to their portfolio – pure racing style! The technology allows easy lens replacement as well as optics with a stronger curvature for high protection and visibility. The frame is also compatible with prescription lenses. Adjustable arm length: the perfect fit for every face: - To ensure a perfect fit for everyone, Orion’s colour injected arms with their soft insert dispose of a 15 millimetre length adjustment in three five millimetre steps. The responsible mechanism is hidden, even with the arms fully elongated. Interchangeable Lens: quick and safe mechanism: - Orion features a two-step mechanism to change the lenses quickly, yet securely: Opening the nosepiece disengages the lenses that are also locked onto the frame. This way, they won’t just fall off with the nosepiece opened. Active anti-fog ventilation: - The frame is reinforced with two colour injected, particularly durable polycarbonate sliders that open or cover two cuts in the lens when open. This engages the airflow between frame and lenses and thus keeps the rider’s view crystal clear. Just as importantly it creates a KOO unique design language: As an aesthetic feature it gives space to distinctive colour combinations. Zeiss® Anti-Scratch Technology: - As all its predecessor’s also Orion’s optics are handled by Zeiss®. Orion is available with a selection of lenses for every terrain and light. Each model has its own specific features. They do share a common ground, though: They are shielding the eyes from 100% of UV rays, are suitable for driving and feature an Anti-Scratch technology making the lenses a durable product. Zeiss® Anti-Reflective Technology: - Our anti-reflective technology greatly improves the efficiency of the lenses. The coating eliminates reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses meaning your eyes receive the most light possible, improving contrast and definition and reducing eye strain. Specifications: - Filter category - 3 - VLT - 14% - Binocular-open frame - Adjustable arm length - Interchangeable Lens - Active anti-fog ventilation - Anti-Scratch and Anti-ReflectiveZeiss® lenses - 100% UV protection